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Ke’Scha Gaines is strengthening our Customer Experience, learn how!

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Ke’Scha Gaines is strengthening our Customer Experience, learn how!

Our QualaCares program is gaining enhancements to directly benefit our customers.

As Quala’s Network continues to expand, our customers remain our main focus. Starting this year, Quala has added a leader to our customer support team to enhance our service experience. We are pleased to introduce our Vice President of Customer Experience, Ke’Scha Gaines. Ke’Scha has been with Quala since February of this year. Prior to Quala, Ke’Scha spent over 25 years in the Automotive Industry working in various roles. Her experience spans across various industries including: Quality, Transportation & Logistics, Supply Chain, Account Management, and Supplier Development. 

Ke’Scha states, “My background encompasses a broad, diverse base of knowledge and experience which I draw from to help strengthen our Customer Excellence Program. It is a priority for our business to provide a consistent service across our network.” 

Throughout Ke’Scha’s career, she has seen the importance of building strong customer relationships. Operating in very dynamic industries has given her an edge in accomplishing lofty goals for enhancing Quala’s Customer Service Experience. Utilizing a diverse base of knowledge and experience helps her strengthen our Customer Excellence program.

When asked if customers have responded to her initiatives, Ke’Scha responds, “Our customers appreciate the consistency and our organizational commitment to getting the job done right the first time. When issues arise, our employees react with swiftness and effectiveness to correct the problem and take action to prevent a recurrence. This builds confidence with our customers and trust.”

Ke’Scha is a true believer in listening to the customer’s voice and working cross-functionally to consistently deliver reliable, high-quality service in a safe and productive environment. This is essential to achieving true customer satisfaction. Quality of service is vital to our business and we work, monitor and measure our performance daily to ensure that our quality, safety, productivity, and on-time delivery exceeds our customer’s expectations. We also recognize the importance of positive interaction when servicing our customers. To ensure we are equipped to do our best, we have launched a network-wide training initiative focused on enhancing communication and overall engagement with our customers.  

We interface with our customers on a daily basis in multiple areas. Every interaction influences our customer’s perception of Quala and the value we bring to their business. Our goal is to consistently demonstrate high standards of performance and engage with our customers in a professional manner that builds both trust and credibility. These types of interactions give our clients the desire to make Quala their partner of choice.
When Ke’Scha is not working, you can find her enjoying quality time with her children, family, and friends; this is the time that she treasures the most. Learn more about Ke’Scha Gaines and her team by visiting our QualaWay page,  https://www.quala.us.com/qualaway/ or contacting Ke’Scha directly, by email kgaines@quala.us.com or phone 248-330-8162.