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Work Safe

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Learn why our team Works Safe…

Learn about the driving source behind our safety culture from our most valuable assests, our people. The inspiring conversation among our people about why we work safe is important to our overall mission to improve, develop, and grow together as a Quala Family. 


“I would consider my health and well-being the biggest motivator as to why I must choose to work safe. Once you lose your health or impact it severely, it may never be the same. Another reason is Family . My family depends on my ability to earn an income. If ever I was to become injured or ill due to careless acts I can lose that ability very quickly. Lastly my coworkers and company as a whole. Everyone’s safety on the job depends not only on their own choices but the choices of all the workers there including myself.”


“My world revolves around my family. I live for the sunday night family dinners, the family camping trips where you can forget it all and just enjoy one another’s company. I live to see the excitement of my wife and two dogs after getting home from work. I work safe so I can continue living my life without missing a moment.”


“I work safe to ensure that I come home safely every day to my amazing daughter, family, and friends.”


There are a multitude of reasons as to why I work safe. I would say first and foremost one reason is for my personal health and well being. By working safe I assure that I will go home very single day the same why I came to work…….in one piece. Being that I have been in the safety field for over 10 years, I have seen the impact of what happens when employees CHOOSE to take shortcuts, get in a rush, become complacent, or blatantly disregard established safety policies and procedures. I’ve witnessed first hand the impact of work related injuries on employees and their families first hand, and it’s these experiences that drive me to ensure that I am doing my est to ensure that I am following all established policies and work practices to ensure my personal safety,as well as the safety of my co-workers and employees while at the facility. I also practice the same safe work habits at home because safety is not just impactful at work, but more so at home as we do daily task around the home that may be just as hazardous, or more so than what we do at work because we don’t necessarily have the same tools at our disposal at home as we do at work. In working safe, I am hoping to set an example to my kids, co-workers and employees that I do value safety, and I try to invoke that mindset and attitude, as well as they knowledge that I have gained over the years in my profession to everyone I may engage during the work day.